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Cultivate Kent Street

Posted by Simon Lockrey on


Site: Cultivate, Westpac 275 Kent Street, Sydney NSW, 2000

Specifier/ Installer: Farmwall/ Mirvac

Product used: 2 x Glowpear Mini Bench planters and 6 x Glowpear Urban Gardens

Developed by property giant Mirvac and start-up Farmwall to educate innovative ways for growing food in urban settings, Cultivate is located on the ground floor of Westpac’s Sydney headquarters at 275 Kent Street (next to Sussex Lane).  It is open to the public to purchase fresh produce and take part in various activities such as yoga, seminars and culinary events. For Cultivate, 2 Mini Bench planters and 6 Urban Gardens were specified, the latter with Sonaray grow light frames to help grow a mix of edible and decorative plants inside.  Farmwall CEO Geert Hendrix explains how Glowpears were perfect for Cultivate with a little custom design tinkering, "Glowpears are a great addition for the Farmwall experience, paired with Sonaray grow lights to make them multifunctional and allow us to create food gardens inside, at any location." The produce from Glowpears is used at Cultivate events, and by various culinary partners of the space from the Sydney CBD.

Announcement: A big congratulations to Mirvac and innovation team Hatch for winning the award for Project Innovation at the Property Council of Australia Innovation and Excellence Awards for Cultivate. Glowpear was proud to be part of Cultivate and hope to see more initiatives like this in the near future, to revive our sense of community and improve our wellbeing and culture. Watch the award announcement here.

For more information, see the Cultivate website, or in-person in the Sydney CBD!

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