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The Coulthards – Family Farming

Posted by Simon Lockrey on

The Coulthard family of Melbourne are busy bees. Stuart Coulthard is a director of Rubiix, a boutique business accounting firm. Stuart's wife Yasmin is a dentist and runs her own Arbonne business which is a beauty, skin care and healthy living product range. They have been married for 6 years and have 2 young children Harper (4 years) and Darcy (2 years) who keep them busy, and entertained.

The Coulthard's love gardening for a number of reasons. They both love to cook so having fresh ingredients such as herbs, tomatoes and vegetables hopefully takes their cooking to another level, it also suits Yasmin’s healthy lifestyle business. Another reason is that both of their children love being outdoors and love to help. "Setting the gardens up and watering and then harvesting is a family activity we all enjoy" says Stuart of his Glowpear Urban Garden. "We all love getting out and getting our hands dirty, with the kids, its not just their hands that gets dirty."

The Coulthard's have discovered that the Glowpear planters perfectly their home as they live in inner suburbia so space is limited, plus the planters look so good a number of their friends have commented on the trendy 'boxes' in the yard. "We have also found them so easy to use and look after the produce, I’m still amazed at the difference in plant growth between what's in the planter boxes and plants in traditional pots." says Yasmin. "All I need to worry about now is keeping the pests away which have included our 2 little dogs, Coco and Jabba!"


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