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Ryan Young – Changing the Landscape

Posted by Simon Lockrey on

People often ask Ryan Young what makes him different to other landscape designers, and what is a ‘Sustainable Landscape’?

"The core to ensuring a landscape design is sustainable, is to have a holistic approach built around ‘energy spent to energy gained’." Young explains. "I give careful consideration to the use of renewable resources, low energy consumption, minimal water use, low to zero toxicity and minimal, with a view to zero, waste."

Young understands the importance of the balance between land-ecosystems, micro-climates and geography. His design outcomes focus on economic viability, biodiversity and social engagement. The designer's philosophy focuses on landscapes to be self-perpetuating, with the long term vision of an evolutionary process spanning generations. Young says, "I create landscapes for today without compromising tomorrow!"

This award winning landscaper has installed a number of 'modular' type garden beds in his years in the design industry, and has found many to be frustrating and clunky. Young now often works with Glowpear, because he likes how simple the Urban Garden is to install, and most importantly, easy to use and maintain.

"As a bonus they are a very attractive and adaptable unit." Young explains.

To see more of Ryan's work, go to Ryan Young Design


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