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Kim Howell - Creating golden culinary classics!

Posted by Simon Lockrey on


Living on the Gold Coast is a charmed life for gardener Kim Howell, but it's another love that keeps Kim busy these days. Creating culinary classics!

If you're a gardening enthusiast like Kim, you know the immense satisfaction that comes from nurturing plants and watching them flourish. But what happens when the physical demands of maintaining a full suburban yard become a bit too much to handle? Well, that's where innovation and passion come into play.

Kim's love for growing things extended to her kitchen. She's not just a lover of food; she's also a talented cook and photographer of her culinary creations (check Kim out on Instagram). Food, for her, is not just sustenance; it's a source of immense joy.

A true Glowpearian, Kim found a way to keep her green thumb thriving without the backache. In this exciting journey, she not only tends to her beloved garden but also shares her newfound culinary passion - baking the most delicious parmesan and rosemary sourdough bread you've ever tasted!

This recent hobby has become an obsession - Kim constantly making sourdough bread. There's something magical about creating a starter from scratch, watching it bubble and change in smell, and then transforming it into a loaf of warm, crusty bread.

Kim's starter even has a quirky name, "ya mum," courtesy of her 9-year-old daughter.

Today, Kim generously shares her recipe for Parmesan and Rosemary Sourdough.

Click here to find out more, as  Kim generously shares her recipe for parmesan and rosemary sourdough.

Check Kim out on Instagram too!

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