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Kim Burns - Sunny spaces, cocktail places

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Jumble and Stack is lead by Kim Burns, a hospitality expert who loves the challenge of creating high-use and atmospheric spaces that draw a crowd.

After gaining years of experience at architectural firms in Europe, Asia and along the Queensland Coast, she now freelances in Brisbane, specialising in commercial and residential design. The view from her home office window is of her back yard and garden, and she wouldn’t have it any other way!

"My house and outdoor area is full of plants! I love having them in every room and swapping out the pots when they grow. It gives me a good excuse to constantly decorate! There are so many ways to display them so with a bit of imagination they can add a lot of personality to a space," Kim remarks.

Plants play an important role in a lot of Kim's commercial projects as they create a sense of homeliness and add a layer of softness that can’t be replicated by any other object or material.

Jumble and Stack works on a lot of outdoor spaces where this softness, as well as shade, is even more important to reduce the harshness of the sun and the hardwearing materials that need to be specified to withstand the weather.

Kim explains, "I specify self-watering pots whenever I can, whether they are hiding inside heavier glazed pots or standing on their own, they are so much more suitable than throwing a tray underneath to catch the unused water."

While no one wants excess water dripping on flooring, potentially creating a slip hazard, it’s even more important in a hospitality setting due to wait staff carrying orders and hundreds of people passing through each day from morning until late at night.

"I have used the Glowpear Mini Wall planters at 3 projects so far, the most effective being Valley Hops Brewing where we lined quite a lot of them up in a row along the full length of the back bar and painted them to match the opposite walls."

The Minis have been designed into the space with timed irrigation, so no one has to climb up high to maintain the plants, whilst there is no dripping onto the bar top.

Recently Kim designed in 87 Glowpear Mini Walls to the Gold Coast venue The Islanda newly renovated boutique hotel meticulously designed and restored from head-to-toe.

The venue pays homage to the natural splendour of a Queensland seaside village with abundant hardwood timbers, native plant life and open facades – bringing the outside, in. Minis provide an internal forest vibe throughout this relaxed destination!

"Needless to say, my clients are a big fan of the Glowpears!"

Sounds terrific Kim!


You can find more about Kim and her work at:



Images courtesy of Kim and Mindi Cooke.

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