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Drowning or Dried Out: What’s Your Watering Style?

Posted by Joel Anderson on

It’s no secret that watering is an important part of gardening – but we don’t all approach it quite the same way. While we’re not pointing any fingers (even at those cactus-killers amongst us…!), the truth is that some watering habits are better than others. And if your greenery ain’t so green, watering could be the factor that’s to blame. So what are the common watering styles, and what’s the best way to go? We’ve broken it down into four key types. Read on to see which one you fall into, and what tips and tricks might help you do it a little bit better.

1. Au naturel

The mind-set: You’re the easy-going, laid-back, no-fuss type. Your plants are outside and uncovered and you leave it up to the elements to water them. Mother Nature will provide, right?

If this is you: While nature is a beautiful thing, home-grown plants do need a little additional love, especially in certain seasons. Even if your plants are exposed to the sun and rain water, you’ll still need to make sure they’re getting the water they need (in Summer this may even involve watering up to two times a day…yes, really!). A good way to tell if your plants are starting to get thirsty is by checking if the first inch or so of soil is dried out. And as a general rule it’s better to water less often and more deeply than lightly and infrequently.

2. Sporadic sprinklers

The mind-set: you’re a busy, social person who’s always on the go. This whirlwind lifestyle means that (oops) your plants occasionally go without H2O.

If this is you: Hate to say it but you might need to up your watering game. Plants are predominantly water, so it really does matter that they stay hydrated. We know it can be tough to keep track though, which is why we designed Glowpear. Self-watering planters like these do a lot of the leg work for you, so you really just need to keep an eye on that water level indicator and refill when water is at a low point. For a little inspo to get you motivated, check out our >self-watering challenge videos.

3. Drenchers

The mind-set: You love your plants. You love them sooo much that you can’t bear the thought of them going thirsty for a second. As a result, you may overdo it a little with the watering can.

If this is you: We know it’s coming from a place of love and care – we really do – but there are times when too much water can be almost as bad as too little, and can even lead to disease. It’s ok to give your plants a good water in one go, the trick is not to do this too often. If plants don’t have a chance to dry out between waters, they can suffer (no one likes having ‘wet feet’!). Again, this is where Glowpear’s self-watering set-up works like a charm. All you need to do is check that water level, and you’ll be able to see immediately if you’re due for a top-up. 

4. Eco conscious waterer

The mind-set: you’re a hippie at heart who cares about the planet and your carbon imprint. With this in mind, you try to minimise your water waste.

If this is you: We say, good on you! With water becoming a scarce commodity, it’s great to see more people going easy on their water use. When it comes to your plants, watering is a non-negotiable, but there are ways you can still keep your usage down. Try planting smaller, native plants that don’t need as much water. You can also try watering with collected rainwater, or recycled water from inside your home.

Got any hot tips to share with us on the topic of watering? We’d love to hear from you. Just email us at

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