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Claudia Jovanovski - Food for life

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Claudia Jovanovski is going places. The internationally recognised fitness personality manages a busy schedule of well-known brand engagements, along with running a lifestyle business. Her work permeates with all things wellness and health.


Claudia has created a garden at home that exudes bright sights and fresh smells. She's embraced gardening as fun, relaxing and rewarding. Her home oasis feeds into her health and wellness mindset, where she says; "Whether body or mind, the infinite journey of transformation begins with just one step. One small step each day in the right direction is a goal, and eventually multiple steps in the right direction follow."


Fresh and nutritious food are at the heart of Claudia's philosophy and work. "Nutrition is the cornerstone in achieving physique goals, whether it be hypertrophy, maintenance, or increased performance,” she says. With home grown produce she can whip up fresh, healthy and tasty raw meals, as she notes, "Nothing beats fresh food, and the food you grow yourself is the freshest food you can eat."


Claudia has a range of Glowpear Urban Gardens and Minis at home, where she grows chillies, strawberries, broccoli, cauliflower, passionfruit, kale, lettuce, capsicums, tomatoes, and delicious herbs such as coriander, basil, oregano, chives, mint, and parsley. From her garden she then prepares summer salads and Sunday bruschetta, and uses herbs and chillies to create pesto, Mexican dishes, and curries.


We like the sound of that!   


See Claudia's fitness tips for the current WFH hiatus with her Youtube fitness sessions.



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