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Ashley Joyce - Foodscaping Oregon

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Ashley Joyce is the owner of Bend Urban Gardens, a foodscaping business in that helps empower aspiring vegetable gardeners in Bend, Central Oregon. Ashley offers on-site consultations, builds raised garden beds and season extenders, creates personalized crop plans, teaches garden lessons, and grows their own plant starts. 


Ashley loves urban gardening because it empowers people of all ages and abilities in so many ways. "It’s not only incredibly rewarding to harvest food from your yard, but participating in the process of caring for plants and learning new skills is therapeutic and confidence building" she says.


Glowpear planters have been a great option for Bend urban gardeners who want to start small in their garden endeavors or are looking to upgrade existing container gardens without access to irrigation. Ashley notes, "the self watering reservoir reduces the need for such frequent hand watering of containers in their dry high desert climate."


Most of their gardeners who have chosen Glowpears don’t have the space for larger raised garden beds. Glowpears can fit beautifully on decks, patios, or balconies and mix and matching the various models allows for flexibility in garden expansion while still maintaining a clean and modern aesthetic. "They are particularly great for herbs right outside the kitchen door" says Ashley!


Right on Ashley, that's what we'd hoped!


You can find Ashley and all her amazing gardening options through her website.

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