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Ash Newland - Scrubbin' up a treat!

Posted by Simon Lockrey on


Ash Newland is the founder of the Scrubba wash bag - dubbed as the world's smallest washing machine for travel and camping.
He leads a small team in Melbourne, Australia, who have helped hundreds of thousands of people travel clean, light and free with the Scrubba wash bag.

A supporter of greening the urban environment for many years, Ash has Glowpears both at Scrubba HQ and in his own backyard.

"The Glowpears at Scrubba's office help create a look and feel that is consistent with the Scrubba brand by bringing the outdoors in. The plants we have in them are ornamental and compared to neighboring offices, create a calm and inviting vibe."
With the Glowpear having a large reservoir and self-watering function, the Scrubba team only needs to water the plants every month or two, as Ash explains:
"We typically use the greywater from washing tea towels and hand towels in the Scrubba wash bag."

At home, Ash's Glowpear Urban Garden and Mini Bench provide his family with a constant supply of the two main herbs they use, namely basil and parsley.
"Growing our own herbs has more than paid off the purchase price of the Glowpears and has been helpful during Covid-19 lockdown. I love the fact that the Glowpear planters allow set and forget gardening as the herbs have thrived despite bouts of neglect".
Sound pretty nifty from Ash, his team, and family as they spread the urban jungle! Check out the whole Scrubba range online today.

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