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The Catbird Seat

Posted by Simon Lockrey on


Site: The Catbird Seat, 1711 Division St, Nashville, TN 37203, USA

Specifier/ Installer: Sara Gasbarra

Product used: 30 x Glowpear Urban Gardens

An intimate and interactive chef-run restaurant, The Catbird Seat offers a unique dining experience that puts guests in the kitchen with chefs who ply their trade. The Catbird Seat is a culinary incubator, giving chefs the opportunity to both explore and express their culinary creativity without boundaries. Twenty-two seats surround the interactive U-shaped kitchen where Chef Ryan Poli and his team tenaciously work to prepare a multi-course meal for guests who watch them.  Sara Gasbarra from Verdura installed a kitchen garden with 30 Glowpear Urban Gardens so that Poli and his team can excite their clientele with fresh, seasonal ingredients during their unique food theatre in the heart of Nashville.

For more information on Sara's work, see our profile on her here, as well as more about The Catbird Seat here.

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