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The team behind Glowpear

The Glowpear team is made up of people who share a common passion for beautiful design, healthy living and innovative solutions. Our planters have been developed to solve a problem we’d all encountered: namely, our inability to successfully grow fresh produce in small spaces whilst still getting on with life!

It seems that we Aussies weren’t the only ones looking for this solution, either. Since our planters hit the market, they’ve become popular with aspiring green thumbs all around the world. Now we’re proud to help people ‘grow their own’, whether they’re in Brisbane or Brooklyn.


Lloyd Fenn

The original urban farmer, Lloyd has grown every plant you’ve even heard of (and probably a fair few you haven’t!). As well as being die-hard green thumb, Lloyd also happens to be an engineer who’s specialised in product design for over fifteen years. Without this handy combo of skills, Glowpear wouldn’t be where we are today! Like all legit farmers, Lloyd can also grow a beard in a weekend, which we think is a pretty valuable skill to have too.


Simon Lockrey PhD

Much like Kim Kardashian, Simon is a social media magician; capable of wrangling anything that tweets, snaps or likes. Unlike Kimmy, he happens to have a decade of experience in product design and sustainability, so on green issues he knows what he’s talking about! He also doesn’t require an entourage every time he leaves the house, which makes him refreshingly low maintenance.


Andrew Wallace 

Andrew joined Glowpear after applying his green thumb with the Urban Garden for years. Don’t let his polite phone voice and great customer service fool you, he`s here to let the world know about Glowpear!!! Andrew brings a wealth of industry knowledge to help revolutionise the urban jungle, one garden at a time. Viva La Revolucion!!!


Elysia Raphael

Known amongst friends as a ‘crazy plant lady’, Elysia is the owner of NYX Social digital agency. She is a committed Glowpearian, having assisted the team with their social efforts as the team has grown from strength to strength. Elysia is passionate about plants, digital marketing and spreading the urban jungle.


Joel Anderson

More than just a pretty face, Joel is the mastermind behind Glowpear – having spent years jousting in our nation’s boardrooms, and bringing grand plans together. With his strategy smarts and acute eye for detail, he’s the one who can be counted on to keep our more ‘creative’ team members in line. Definitely the sharpest tool in our garden shed. Will work for espresso.


Nathan Pollock

After 25 years in design you'd be hard pressed to find a product that Nathan hasn't re-imagined, re-designed or re-invented. As the architect and custodian of Glowpear's visual identity, Nathan brings a wealth of experience and skill to the table, plus a sense of intuition that money can’t buy. When he's not accepting international design awards Nathan's at his local beach catching waves, or reminiscing on his early football career.

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