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Landscape Architects And Designers Discover Glowpear

Posted by Joel Anderson on

We recently supported The Laminex Group to promote their range of Alfresco Compact Laminate panels at the Landscape Event hosted by The Arc Agency in Sydney. The word is that the installation designed by UNO Australia was a standout, with keen interest in our new product the Urban Garden Planter.

The Laminex Alfresco panel range is made from durable Compact Laminate specifically designed for exterior areas. With superior moisture, wear and weather resistance, its outstanding resilience and sophisticated style open up a myriad of outdoor design possibilities.

Paired with the clean lines of the Glowpear Urban Garden planter, not to mention durable all weather construction, and you have the perfect offering for an enviable urban garden space of your own.

 A special thank you to the guys at UNO Australia for their stylish and faultless execution of the design for this grand event.

Photography: Sarah Rowlands

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